Fairford and District U3A - Notices
The national and regional U3As organise and hold such events as exhibitions, conferences, summer schools, and seminars. Listed here are items, that may be of interest to our members, which have come to the attention of the committee.
11th - 14th September 2018   Summer School - Royal Agricultural University - Cirencester
    Art History - British Art Between Wars
    Music - Classic Albums of the 50s & 60s
    Creative Writing - Let's Write a Soap Opera
    Drama - Vengeance, Plague, Death, Confusion
    English Poetry - English Love Poetry
    History - The French Revolution of 1789 - 95
    Linguistics - Conversation Theory
    Language - Latin Remembered
    Musicals - Make Believe
    Singing - Singing for Pleasure
Please visit summer-schools.u3a.org.uk to book or call the National Office on 020 8466 6139
Residential Place - £325.00  Day Delegate - £110