Group Leader
Dan Deane
Susan Greig
01285 851408
01285 810274

Meetings: Monthly 3rd Wednesday afternoon
Venue: taken in turns, contact Dan or Susan

We have nine members, all trying to bring our lifetime's experience and wisdom to the group, while not forgetting Socrates' famous dictum that we're not wise until we realise we know nothing.

Sometimes we study an individual philosopher - the latest one being Aristotle, who certainly has things to say about modern times. We also have sessions where we look at the application of Philosophy to current problems, like medical ethics, the environment, or education. We don't have any professional or academic philosophers among us, but try to be a living manifestation of the U3A principle "The Teachers learn and the Learners teach"

From time to time members undertake to prepare topics of their choice and lead the discussion, giving the rest of us prior notice. There is absolutely no pressure for this, nor is there any pre-planned syllabus. Very often next month's subject suggests itself as the previous discussion draws to a close.

Those of us with sitting rooms that can accommodate us all take it in turns to be hosts. Tea/coffee and biscuits are provided for which a modest charge is requested.

If you would like to join us for a meeting, do please contact me, details above, I would be happy to tell you more, and you would be most welcome.