Pétanque (Boules)
Group Leader
David Baber
Heather Baber
01285 711343


Pétanque 1: Every Wednesday 10:00am to noon April to October (Currently Full).

Pétanque 2: Every Tuesday 10:00am to noon April to October.

Venue: A purpose built Piste at Farmor’s School, Fairford.

The game is played within the guidelines of the English Pétanque Association, and is pretty low on energy demand. We play either doubles or triples depending on the number of players.

Members usually bring their own set of Boules, but spare sets can be rustled up.

As well as enjoying the game, there is also a good social spirit, and players do not have to make a weekly commitment.

Members pay a small charge of £5 per season to cover the costs of maintaining the piste.

If you would like to join us, then you would be most welcome. And, if you have never played the game, then you are always welcome to come and have a try.

Here is a photo of the new Piste at Farmor's School