Group Leaders
Brian Routledge
Clive Watson
01285 712853
01285 713003

Meetings: Monthly, second Wednesday at 2.30pm.
Venue: The Chapel, Milton Street, Fairford.

The study of Geology involves a study of the earth, the shape of the continents and the processes that shape the landforms of the earth….like earthquakes, volcanoes and the movement of the earth’s plates.

In more detail we look at the rocks and minerals that make up the crust of the earth, as well as the evolution of the life forms that have existed from the earliest periods.

We must stress that though our study is serious, we try to present it in a light hearted way, and our philosophy may be illustrated by our approach to our annual Field Trip…..we look for a good pub or café first and then see if there are any interesting rocks and fossils nearby!

As well as our annual Field Trip, we have made summer visits to the Mendips, Portishead, Marlborough Downs and the Forest of Dean, and most winters we visit the Natural History Museums of London and Oxford.

No geological experience is necessary, but an enquiring mind and an enthusiasm and interest for the existing physical make up and future of our planet would be very useful.

We meet at 2.30 pm and the meetings last for about one hour. We charge £1 per person, which covers the hire of the hall and tea/coffee and a biscuit.

If reading this page has aroused an interest, do please contact Brian or Clive, who will be happy to welcome you to a meeting.