Five Rythms Dance
Group Leader
Gillian Bilbrough
Joyce Deane
01285 712579
01285 851408

Meetings: Third Wednesday 10am.
Venue: Palmer Hall.

Dancing is for Everyone - The Five Rhythms Way

The human response to rhythm is an instinctive desire to move to the beat; Five Rhythms dance taps into that instinct. Each dancer moves in an original and distinctive way as he or she responds to the changing rhythms. There are no given steps, no partners and no formations. This is natural and instinctive dance which allows the dancer to move within the range comfortable to body type, age and degree of mobility. Some beginners fear that they won’t know what to do or will be too self conscious to permit the movement to happen, but dancing to a rhythm is so instinctive that movement does happen and develops or changes to suit each theme. 

The FR group has been running for four and a half years now and during that time we have used ethnic music and the specific five rhythms music of Gabrielle Roth, but we have also danced to Abba, Beethoven, Elvis, Enya, Elgar, Offenbach, Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Strauss and others. Each piece lasts for between three and eight minutes and so we achieve an interesting variety of mood and style within the session.

We meet on the third Wednesday of the month at 10am in the Palmer Hall. We are all beginners.  Do join us.

Joyce Deane