Fairford and District U3A - General Meetings and Events
We hold a general meeting for all members in the Palmer Hall on the first Tuesday of each month except August, when an outdoor event is arranged. The doors open at 2pm and the meeting starts at 2.30pm. Other meetings and visits are arranged from time to time; details will be included below.
Programme of Speakers and Visits
A report on each month's talk is published in the newsletter.
6 Nov 2018 Simon Toomer Plant Conservation at the National Trust
Simon Toomer works for the National Trust.  Talk about the conservation of cultivated plants in the National Trust gardens and parks.
4 Dec 2018 Christmas
Chloe Green will perform her version of  'A Christmas Carol'.
8 Jan 2019 Tracy Ellis or Claire Morris from The Coventry Building Society
Talk on Fraud and Scams. 
5 Feb 2019 Paul Barnett Talk - In Defence of the Drift - A Gloster Boy Abroad
The long forgotten tale of Forest boy Alfred Hook,V.C. winner and his
exploits whilst at Rorkes Drift - January 22-23 1879.
5 March 2019 Steve Moll from Brightwell Bees
Talk on The Incredible World of the Honey Bee
2 April 2019 Bill King Talk on Dads Underground Army
The Auxilliary Units (British Resistance Organisation)
The formation, organisation and activities of the secret organisation which, with its Headquarters at Coleshill House would have come into action if Britain had been invaded by the Nazis in WW2.
7 May 2019 William Reddaway Talk on his Ride Around England
One man, one horse, 2700 miles, and 30 Cathedrals
4 June 2019 Mike Welsh Talk on the Desai Memorial School Nairobi
The school run by a charity serves one of the toughest and poorest slum communities in East Africa.
All the teachers live in the slum area and are initially secondary school graduates who are then trained in Desai to teach. The school has no electricity or regular water supply. The school is twinned with Goddard Park Primary School, Park North, Swindon where Mike is Head.
2 July 2019 Linda Dowsett Talk - My Journey to the Weakest Link
How she came to be on the TV show with Ann Robinson
6 August 2019 No Meeting
3 Sept 2019 Bjorn Watson The Spirit of Brunel
An Account of Brunel, the engineer, his great contemporaries and how they inspired the prominent engineers of the 20th Century. Finishing with some of the projects that he (Bjorn) was personally involved in during his career in engineering.
1 Oct 2019 Tim Brain Talk on Guy Fawkes
5 Nov 2019 Andrew Hamilton Talk - Meet at Dawn Unarmed.
His Grandfather's account of the Christmas Day Truce WW1 at St. Yvon Belgium
3 Dec 2019 Christmas