Fairford and District U3A - General Meetings and Events
We hold a general meeting for all members in the Palmer Hall on the first Tuesday of each month except August, when an outdoor event is arranged. The doors open at 2pm and the meeting starts at 2.30pm. Other meetings and visits are arranged from time to time; details will be included below.
Programme of Speakers and Visits
A report on each month's talk is published in the newsletter.
3 Apr 2018 Tim Healey (AGM) The Green Man
A mysterious leafy mask - or a face with plants streaming from the mouth  - the Green Man is an age-old presence in architecture and crafts. He turns up in some of the earliest parish churches and the cloisters of Gothic cathedrals; in 18th-century garden ornaments and Victorian door surrounds. Tim Healey explores the enigma of this extraordinary motif with a wealth of colourful images showing examples from Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds.
1 May 2018 Jolyon Livingstone Osteopathy  
A local practioner, Jolyon gives us an overview of his work.  Osteopathy is the therapy that treats and strengthens the musculoskeletal framework, and treats the body as a whole rather than many individual systems.
5 Jun 2018 Ann Chance Saddle Sore In Montana
Ann learned to fly at the age of 56 and learned to ride a horse at 64.This remarkable lady tells us of her various amusing adventures rounding up cattle in the USA.
3 Jul 2018 Alison Parker Dog Psychology
Alison gives us in insight into the world of dog training and pet care.
7 Aug 2018 Outdoor Meeting tbc
4 Sep 2018 Angela Panrucker Quaint and Quirky Gloucestershire
Angela is back again; this time talking about strange things found in Gloucestershire and touching upon the fascinating history of nursery rhymes.
2 Oct 2018 Alan Brewer Up in the Clouds with some Fluffy Bits
To describe Alan Brewer as 'well travelled' would be something of an understatement.  During a 38 year career with the BA, this former steward and BBC chef has looked after Royalty, Prime Ministers, Pop Stars and Celebrities.  In this light hearted presentation, Alan shares with us some of his interesting encounters and anecdotes.
6 Nov 2018 Simon Toomer Plant Conservation at the National Trust
Simon Toomer works for the National Trust.  He talks about the conservation of cultivated plants in the National Trust gardens and parks.
4 Dec 2018 Christmas