Fairford and District U3A - General Meetings and Events
We hold a general meeting for all members in the Palmer Hall on the first Tuesday of each month except August, when an outdoor event is arranged. The doors open at 2pm and the meeting starts at 2.30pm. Other meetings and visits are arranged from time to time; details will be included below.
Programme of Speakers and Visits
A report on each month's talk is published in the newsletter.
4 Jul 2017 Jill Phipps Simon de Montfort and the Battle of Evesham
Jill lives in the former home of Simon de Montfort in Evesham and gives us an overview of his life and history.
1 Aug 2017   Outdoor Meeting
5 Sep 2017 Pete Morris Time Travel
Pete Morris is back again and speaks of the possibilities of time travel. What would happen if you went back in time and killed your grandfather?!
3 Oct 2017 Andrew Butler Andrew Butler and his amazing Sausage Machine
Our local butcher, Andrew demonstrates for us and talks about butchery in general
7 Nov 2017 Gareth Williams The Angel of Death: the Story of Smallpox
Emeritus Professor of Medicine at Bristol University, Dr Gareth Williams talks about the history of this terrible disease and of how it was conquered.
5 Dec 2017 Entertainment tbc