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Beacon U3A Management System

Beacon is a service provided by the Third Age Trust through a team of volunteers who manage a software company to maintain and support the system.  At the present time (May 2018) there are over 220 U3A's using Beacon.  The Beacon system has been designed to make the life of committee members and group leaders easier and more efficient.  All interaction with Beacon takes place through our normal web browser, and there is no separate software that needs to be installed.

Beacon provides individual U3As with a secure, efficient and effective means of managing their day-to-day business functions.  Including:

Membership:   Beacon provides a comprehensive set of tools for handling membership, including new members, renewals, subscriptions, address changes, membership cards and communications.  There is also an online renewal and online new membership package that members and potential members can use via our website.

Finances:   Financial management is based on a secure, simple transaction approach. Every transaction can be assigned to individuals, groups and categories, and the system provides tools for reconciliation with bank accounts and regular reporting.  Automatic Gift Aid reporting is included as is an integrated link to the online renewal and online new membership package.

Groups:   Groups are the heart of a U3A, and Beacon provides group leaders with membership management, calendars, group ledgers, and easy communication with group members.

We use Beacon to hold your first and last name, address including post code, membership status (single or joint member), current or not paid, do you have the newsletter posted or get it from the web, email address (if you supplied it), home and mobile phone numbers if you supplied them, emergency contact details (if you supplied them) and Gift Aid status.

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